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Boca Martial Arts is The #1 Studio Guaranteed To Teach Your Child How To Focus Better, To Become More Self-Assured and Confident. Your Child Will learn that Progress Happens During Small Improvements in Technique, Stamina, Flexibility or Power Making Them More Disciplined! 
Dear Knoxville Parent,

Hi, I am Alex Carbonell and it is my personal mission, along with Mestrando Anao help your Child to develop in a positive manner, and avoid anything that reduces his mental growth or physical health. 

There are three possibilities why you are looking at this page.

1. Your child is full of energy and does not know where to employ it. It just does not feel challenged enough.

2. Your child has problems with getting started and is sitting in front of the TV or the games console a lot. It is unmotivated and bored. Eventually your child is shy and finds it difficult to open up.

3. Your child has not found the right sport for him or her yet, nothing what he or she is enthusiastic about and what makes his or her cheeks and eyes glow. There are loads of dormant potentials still waiting to be recognized.

….or you are just curios and in search of something new. With all these reasons you are absolutely right here!

The balance in everyday life is not easy to be found. Maybe you have already tried out a lot of things, but your child often lost the motivation after a short period of time. Maybe it is due to a lack of opportunity in your area or a lack of time or a lack of money for trying out a lot of further sports. What is the key to more movement, self-confidence and the feeling of exhaustion after a challenging training for your child? What does satisfy the needs of your child and is able to arouse enthusiasm?
Alex Carbonell
Capoeira Martial Arts Instructor
Owner of Boca Martial Arts.
Mestrando Anao (Alejandro Florez)
Capoeira Master
Why Capoeira?

Capoeira combines dance, combat, acrobatics, music and culture. There is hardly any sport that is so diverse and already suitable for small children and even suitable for EVERYONE. Children have fun carrying out the movements and love the music and the instruments. They are proud of their acrobatic performances and bravely surpass themselves.

Capoeira is a sport for everybody, no matter where, how old or in which physical condition he or she is – it is possible for everyone to develop his or her potentials and find a way of expression with the body.

Benefits of training Capoeira.
Capoeira is such a versatile Martial Art, that you can say your child is learning Self Defense, Gymnastics, Music & Dance in just one class. 
These 4 different activities are recommended for child development.
1. Self Defense for discipline and self confidence.
2. Gymnastics for fitness, strength, flexibility, healthy bones.
3. Music benefits hand and eye coordination development and introduction to a new language, mastery of memorization, pattern recognition.
4. Dance promotes emotional maturity, cognitive development, coordination, social awareness.

CASE STUDY: See the results from Children just like yours who are loving our proven Martial Arts program.
Elite Instructors
Capoeira offers children an outlet for all their creativity and energy like no other.

It is a well known fact that increase in brain activity occurs during exercise, especially in areas of the brain dealing with thinking and memory. Moving the body demands a lot from the brain – coordinating muscle contractions, vision, balance, organ function and all of the complex interactions of bodily systems. Capoeira is one of the best forms of fitness as it not only includes body locomotion but needs strategic use of the mind to make use of these movements in the form of dance. An integral part of capoeira is its music which research has proved improves analytical thinking and memory.

A typical capoeira session incorporates free movement based exercises done with individuals, couples and groups helping in strength, flexibility, reflexes and coordination. Teaching in the form of games makes it fun and challenging. Capoeira is the only martial art in the world that is non violent, non aggressive and non competitive and at the same time teaches self defense in the most unique way.

Capoeira is a fantastic opportunity for children of all ages to be introduced to Brazilian culture and learn this unique blend of martial arts, gymnastics, dance, song and music. It is a well-rounded fitness program with proven health benefits. Plus they learn a new language and to play many instruments.

 We work on the concept of multilateral training based on general movement therapy with focus on flexibility, speed, endurance and perfect capoeira technique.

Children simply love the energy and fun of our structured drills. Parents all across the globe acknowledge the positive impact capoeira has on their children – increased self-confidence, mental sharpness and physical fitness levels.

Capoeira, very simply, helps a child navigate the complexities of human interaction, the importance of being ready for anything, the value of cleverness and the strength of indirect resistance.
Experience The Benefits

Unlimited Sessions

Our Schedule provides different class time to fit any parents schedules. For no additional charge, your child may attend to unlimited sessions for better results.

Progress Reports

We care about the progress of your child, so every month they under go a progress evaluation to make sure they are getting the best out of the program, and be able to help them in any areas where they struggle.

Goal Setting

Belts and rankings are a public recognition among peers for the student’s effort and progress. Martial Arts ranking system helps teach your child to set goals and achieve them, to persevere and prioritize.


The workout your child gets will not only assist in the natural development of his or her muscles but also help build a stronger Cardio-Vascular systems. Even in the most active of team sports such as Basketball or Soccer, children don’t get that much of a workout simply because they generally don’t play the whole game and even if they do, there are still breaks in the action. Our program includes gymnastics, music, dance (Capoeira), Ground techniques and striking. Giving your child a full body workout. Childhood obesity has become a rapidly growing issue. With obesity being linked to numerous health issues, it’s apparent that obesity at such a young age can be very problematic.
Why Choose Capoeira?


You're not joining a Martial Arts Studio, you're joining a family and a community of like minded people that will give you and your child the positive support and accountability to succeed.


We make it affordable so that we can help as many families in the community as possible. Boca Martial Arts is a fraction of what it would cost to join any other studio who charge extra for "Upgrades in the amount of classes per week you child can attend, or charge extra for a weapons class. We charge a flat fee, and your child gets to experience everything we have to offer without making you feel guilty because he want to learn more, and you have to pay more..

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason during the first 30 days, just let us know and we will issue a refund, no questions asked.


Here, you are not just a number. We make it our mission to hold your child accountable and make sure to set him or her for success.
Don't Put Off This Life Changing Opportunity For Your Child Another Minute!
The best part about this program is how affordable it is for your child to test-drive, and for us to show you that we're the right place to help your child succeed! Your Kid might not have ADD, your kid might just need to become physically active, and learn skills that will live with him or her forever.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Where are we located?
How can I get ahold of you if I have a question?
You can text us at (865) 312-9782 email us at
What is your schedule?
Look under My First Martial Arts Lesson
What will my child learn in class?
Initially we introduce then to balancing techniques to develop rhythm (Ginga). Straight, spinning and flying kicks. We challenge them to balance in their hands,  then efficient attack and counter attacks, blocking, escape, and takedowns.
What kind of gymnastics will my child learn?
Gymnastics or acrobatics promotes coordination, teaches proper timing, and allows your child to have a ton of fun by doing cartwheels, handstands, bridges, and eventually more advanced acrobatic movements like back hand springs, back tucks and flying kicks.
What's the difference between Capoeira and Karate?
A differentiating factor between Karate and  Capoeira is that Karate is one form of martial arts that developed in Japan, while at Capoeira was born in Brazil, fusing elements of music, dance, self defense, acrobatics, culture, and tons of fun.
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